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I'm Ashley Lane

I'm an ADAPT functional health coach, registered nurse, and outdoors enthusiast.

I’m obsessed with making the most out of everyday, spoiling my German shepherd puppy, and love chocolate chip cookies.  Read on for the rest.

Like you I have been down many roads of what I thought "being healthy" was only to find myself playing the "yo-yo" game with my weight & pants size. My thoughts were consumed with how I looked and everything I ate. I obsessed over what I was eating, going to eat next, or beating myself up for not following “a diet”. Trying to be healthy was causing nothing but stress in my life.


I finally put an end to the yo-yo game when I learned how to stop following a diet and made healthy living a lifestyle decision. I focused on eating mostly whole foods, adding in weight training, learning to manage my stress, and shifting my mindset around food and my body.  Being healthy seemed so confusing and overwhelming at first, life was busy and food was just plain hard, but I’m here to tell you it is not impossible. 


I have big dreams to help people live their best lives and not let a weight or a medical condition hold them back. I’m an advocate for eliminating stress around “how to be healthy” by ditching the dieting train and getting back to basics to learn how to get lasting weight loss and live a long, healthy life.


I’ve been a nurse for over seven years and love my job, but inside I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact by helping people improve their health and live their best lives possible. When I heard that health coaching would give me the opportunity to walk with someone on this journey, beyond the hospital or doctors office, I signed up immediately and knew this is what I was meant to do.


My mission is to help people navigate similar challenges and frustrations with the support I wish I could have had. I know that it’s hard, overwhelming, and can be scary at times, but I am here to help you start with small changes that lead to big results. I will guide, support, motivate, and challenge you to embrace “baby steps” that will move you in the direction of improving your relationship with food and your body to find the healthier version of you that you have always wanted.


Let me help you learn how to prioritize your health and wellness by learning how to find time in your busy schedule for you, so you can have more energy and get lasting weight loss, while gaining confidence in your body’s appearance and capabilities. There is a balance in all things related to wellness and each persons' path is different. Learning to love & appreciate you for who you are has the biggest impact on your well being.

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